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Welcome to Mixed Media Painting with Michele Illing! In this course, you'll learn how to use a range of media with watercolour, including graphite, pastels, coloured pencils and acrylics.


Michele shows you how to add those exciting final details and highlights to bring everything together in a wonderful array of mixed media subjects, that will have you just itching to get started on your own minor masterpieces!

Mixed Media Painting

Welcome to Developing Line and Watercolour Wash with Michele Illing! In this course you'll learn how to create eye-catching line and wash artwork - from simple florals right through to intricate townscapes.

So gather your materials and come and join Michele as you explore the wonderful combination of line and watercolour wash!

Developing Watercolour Line & Wash £31.53
Introduction to Pen and Ink Line Drawing

Learn how to create characterful ink drawings using a range of different tools and with a variety of different styles.


In this course, you'll learn foundational techniques for using  dip pens, brush pens, biros, ball points, natural bamboo, fibre tipped pens and technical pens.


Course tutor Michele will guide you through a range of techniques - like creating basic line drawings, detailed cross hatching and line & wash.    

Developing Pen & Ink Line