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Commissioning a bespoke painting is a unique and personal way of purchasing art. You choose the subject matter and medium, be it a family portrait, a pet, a painting for your home or centrepiece for your office.


Every painting is different and individual and as such all commissions are priced individually and are dependent on size, subject and medium.


Portraits by commission, how it works:
Your portrait starts with an initial meeting, where I can get to know you, discuss your wishes and take photographs. If needed a further meeting can be arranged for a sitting. Sittings for portraits can take place where you feel most relaxed – in your own home.
A fifty per cent deposit will be due at this time. Often there will be another sitting nearer to completion where small adjustments can be made.


I can also work from your own photographs, meaning the entire process can be undertaken remotely if wished. Ideal if you live further afield or have a particular photograph in mind.

*Please allow plenty of time if considering a commission as each is unique and dependent on current bookings.

Please feel free to get in contact where we can discuss your requirements, my working methods and prices, or visit my gallery page to see original paintings and prints for sale.


Contact me by email, phone or via the contact page if you have any inquiry at all. I look forward to hearing from you.

''Dear Michele

At the weekend I got to see your portrait of me which you did for my daughter Abi. I was delighted with it and feel that it portrays the person I would like to think I am - now there's an achievement for you.

I must now devote some energy to persuading all my friends to have their portraits painted - by you. 

With best wishes''

Peter Dawson

My Mum
'Rose Brother Cadfiel
Merewenna Fenn
Peter Dawson
Ian Clarkson
Busy as a Bee
Winston & Bodie
Tides out
Some Kind of Blue
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