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Mixed Media - Rhino Study

Lesson Outline

In this lesson we will introduce coloured pencils with watercolour. Used on dry watercolours they can not only enhance the picture but, with a little care, can be used to rescue a passage that may have gone wrong.

Michelle shows you how to go about this while creating the expressive and colourful figure of a sleeping rhino.


Surface: (NOT) Watercolour Paper (200lbs).

Brushes: #10 Mop, #6 Round, #2 Flat, Spatter Brush.

Misc: Masking Tape, Kitchen Roll, Water, 2b Pencil.

Colours: Neutral Tint, Manganese Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Red, Caput Mortuum Violet, Sap Green, Titanium Gold Ochre, (Shadow mix of Quinacridone Magent & Indigo).Plus, a selection of similar coloured Pencils

Mixed Media - Rhino

Mixed Media - Rhino

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